Pattern Dissection is an independent record label, radio show and concert organiser from Berlin, dedicated to free jazz and related sounds of improvised nature. We have been broadcasting on Cashmere Radio since 2017 and hosting gigs since 2018 with the aim to offer selected international artists a stage for live interaction. The record label launched in 2021.


Farida Amadou / Liz Kosack / Dag Magnus Narvesen

LP / Digital

140 g black vinyl housed in a reverse printed 350 g/m² cardboard sleeve, with insert and download code.

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Recorded by Bernd Jestram at Bleibeil Studio
Mixed by Christoph Berg at Monochrome Studio
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung Mastering
Lacquer cut by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering
Artwork by Talita Santos
Design by Espacioblanco
Photograph by Stefan Lingg
Pressed at Pallas

Farida Amadou Electric Bass
Liz Kosack Keyboards
Dag Magnus Narvesen Drums

Pattern Dissection x Cashmere Radio

Feature analysis:

Pattern Dissection
Feature Comparison in Memory

This monthly radio show is dedicated to records that deliver sounds usually meant to be experienced live. With a strong focus on improvised music and free jazz, the programme’s presentation itself is spontaneous and aims to play tricks on comparison, memory and (re)cognition by reshaping stimuli’s distinctive features — it is basically ninety minutes of messing things up.



Our most recent regular episode: Pattern Dissection #86

Strain of Laws — Ordinary Mystique (Helicopter / Troniks)
ükya — We Come for an Experience of Presence, Part One (Nakama)
Han Sotofett / Jaakko Eino Kalevi / Andres Lõo — Spørremål (Sex Tags Amfibia)
Zoh Amba / William Parker / Francisco Mela — Dance of Bliss (577)
Albert Mangelsdorff / Masahiko Sato / Peter Warren / Allen Blairman — Voices, Noises, Lung’n’Tongues, Strings, and Things (Intercord)
Laurențiu Coțac / Isak Hedtjärn / Diana Miron — Absorbable Threads (Earshots)
Brume — Séquence #05 (La Légende des Voix / Rotorelief)
Anthony Braxton / Andrew Cyrille — Excerpt from the Navigator (Intakt)
Yosuke Yamashita Trio — Ghosts (Frasco)
Makaya McCraven — Untitled (International Anthem)

Episode photograph (SX-70) by Christoph Berg.

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Our most recent guest appearance:
Pattern Dissection x A L'ARME! FESTIVAL

Two days of live broadcast from the A L'ARME! FESTIVAL from August 11–12, 2023 and spinning records back to back with the natural wine bar serving their offerings on the deck of Radialsystem.

Pattern Dissection

Date Performers Venue Design Format
2023/09/01 Johanna Pärli / Sofía Salvo / Mark Holub Cashmere Radio Stefan Lingg digital
2023/05/06 Sofía Salvo / Colin Webster / Jan Roder / Mark Holub Cashmere Radio Stefan Lingg digital
2022/05/21 Sofía Salvo / Colin Webster / Jan Roder / Mark Holub Sowieso Stefan Lingg digital
2020/02/06 Farida Amadou / Liz Kosack / Dag Magnus Narvesen Watt Pattern Dissection A3 print
2019/11/28 Colin Webster / Mark Holub Watt Oliver Pitt A2 print
2019/10/06 Kodian Trio
Cactus Truck
Anna Kaluza / Olaf Rupp / Kuba Suchar
Rose Sélavy (DJ)
arkaoda Jan Schoofs A2 print
2019/03/07 Alison Blunt / Andrew Lisle / Chino Shuichi Watt Büro Bum Bum A2 print
2018/11/08 Colin Webster / Andrew Lisle & Anna Kaluza Watt Espacioblanco A2 print

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